Toenail fungus treatment. Thrown form.

The podiatrist talks about the causes of nail fungus, as well as treating nail fungus. Various stages of the appearance of nail fungus and recommendations for its elimination and further protection against the fungus are considered.

toenail fungus

Nail fungus is a huge nuisance.

Symptoms of toenail and toenail fungus include:

  • Itch;
  • redness of the skin;
  • yellow nails
  • brittleness and increased brittleness of nails;
  • loss of nails.

The beginning of the disease.

The fungus is caused by non-compliance with hygiene rules and by wearing uncomfortable and unkempt shoes. It is also quite easy to get an infection if personal hygiene is not observed in public places, such as: swimming pool, sauna, beach, shared shower, bedroom bathroom.

You may not notice nail fungus as the itching and burning sensation doesn't bother you much at first. However, over time, this disease can develop into a more advanced form. Which will affect the condition of the nails and toes.

The development of the disease begins with predisposing factors. The most important factor in the development of fungal diseases is age. It is known that microsporia or "ringworm" mainly affects children of primary school age, on the contrary, mycoses of the feet affect adults.

The spread of fungal diseases happens well in a humid environment. Excessive sweating and wet shoes are predisposing factors for the development of fungal diseases, and the main places of infection with mycosis of the feet are swimming pools, saunas and beaches.

Key Recommendations:

  • compliance with hygiene procedures;
  • protection of feet and nails against fungus;
  • have your own personal shoes;
  • take good care of your shoes;
  • Choose comfortable, loose-fitting shoes.