Folk remedies for the treatment of foot fungus

According to WHO studies, fungal diseases are considered the most common in the world and the most difficult to treat. This is why there are so many medications available to treat yeast infections. However, many pharmaceutical preparations not only produce side effects, but also do not prevent the recurrence of the disease. It is much safer and more reliable to use home remedies for fungus. Such treatment has practically no contraindications and does not harm the body.

Folk remedies for fungus.

Fungal infection of the feet

To cure the fungus on the legs, it is necessary to use an integrated approach to the problem. Any medicine or traditional medicine, first of all, must fight the causative agent of the disease. It is also important that the drug eliminates inflammation and symptoms of the disease. To eliminate the fungus, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that provoke the appearance of the disease (decreased immunity, poor blood supply to the legs, endocrine disorders, hormonal disturbances, etc. ).

Traditional medicine offers many remedies for the fungus, but in order for the drug to have a better effect on injuries, it is necessary to steam the legs well before use and remove thickenings of the skin, corns, calluses, horny layer and the affected areas of the nail plates. Only after thorough cleaning of the feet can a remedy be applied.

Important! Therapy according to folk recipes can only be carried out after consulting a doctor and making the correct diagnosis.


Herb celandine an effective folk remedy for foot fungus

A fairly effective remedy for foot fungus is prepared on the basis of celandine. In this case, you can use the juice of the plant, ointment, oil and tincture. First of all, it is desirable to do therapeutic baths:

  • In 1000 ml of boiling water brew 100 g of herbs (dry) for ¼-⅓ hours;
  • The infusion is filtered and added to a hot water bath on the basis that one liter of infusion should be taken per liter of water;
  • Legs can be raised for a third of an hour.

For the treatment of legs, celandine juice is used. To do this, a fresh plant is crushed and the juice is squeezed out. Then 0. 2 liters of alcohol (70%) are added to 0. 2 liters of juice. The composition must be infused for a day. After steaming the legs and nails in the bath with juice, treat their surface and let it dry completely. This treatment is performed three times a day until recovery.

Celandine ointment is an excellent remedy for the treatment of fungus with cracks and dry skin. The basis of the ointment can be any nourishing cream. Juice of celandine (five drops), 2 drops of calendula (tincture) and oregano (juice) are added to it. Legs are treated 3 times a day.

Home treatment can be carried out with tincture of celandine. To make it, you need to take vodka and grass in a ratio of 2 to 1. We insist on the mixture for 12 days. Then we filter and request the treatment. We start the therapy with five drops of the drug, bringing the volume to twenty.

Celandine oil is prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. We put the dried grass in a jar and fill it with any vegetable oil;
  2. The oil level should be 2 to 3 cm higher than the level of dry grass;
  3. After the mixture has been hot for an hour, it is moved to a cool, dark place for a week;
  4. After filtering, the oil is ready to use. Steamed nails and legs should be lubricated and treated with hydrogen peroxide until they recover.

Tip: celandine oil is in the pharmacy. It is much easier to buy it than to cook it yourself.

Hydrogen peroxide

If we talk about how to get rid of the fungus, then peroxide can not be used as an independent remedy. It is used only as a disinfecting and softening agent in the preparation of the feet to apply an ointment, cream or other therapeutic composition. After peroxide treatment, the drug mixture penetrates deeper into the skin and horn formations.

Before curing nail fungus, the plates must be softened with a cotton pad moistened with peroxide. This should be done after foot baths. Cotton wool is applied to the affected horny plates 2 times a day for a month. After 20 minutes, the cotton pad can be removed, and the nails can be treated with a remedy.

With fungal ailments of the horny plates and feet, baths with 3% peroxide are useful. The procedure is carried out for 1/6 hour, then the feet are thoroughly cleaned and treated with a healing ointment.


Copper sulfate for preparation of antifungal solution and ointment

Such a folk remedy for foot fungus, like copper sulfate, is usually used in combination with a local antifungal drug prescribed by a doctor. Copper sulfate is used in one of two ways:

  1. To prepare a therapeutic solution, 15 g of vitriol is taken per liter of water. Before use, this concentrated solution is diluted in water: 45 g of the solution should be taken for 1500 ml of water. The legs are immersed in a warm bath for ¼ hour. They are then treated with an antifungal drug.
  2. To prepare the ointment in a pan, you need to calcine 15 grams of copper sulfate to a grayish or whitish color. After that, vitriol is mixed with tar and powdered sulfur, 15 g each is taken, and the mixture is heated until the components dissolve. Lubricate the affected legs and nails with ointment.


The popular treatment of the fungus with vinegar involves the use of its variety of wine or apple, as well as the essence of vinegar. It has been proven that the fungus does not survive in an acidic environment, so vinegar can help even in advanced cases. They usually smear their feet with vinegar before going to bed and put on socks.

They also make baths with table or apple cider vinegar. To do this, take 250 ml of the product per 5000 ml of water. Baths are taken for ¼ hour every other day. The feet are then cleaned without rinsing and a local antifungal medication is applied.

tea tree oil

If we talk about the treatment of folk remedies, then one cannot fail to mention the oil obtained from the leaves of the tea tree. With this oil, you can simply lubricate the affected skin 2 times a day. The duration of such treatment is three months.

Important: tea oil is used as part of other multi-component remedies for yeast infection.


Strong coffee can help treat feet affected by fungus

You need to prepare strong ground coffee. We lower the affected legs into this drink for ¼ hour. Then we put on our socks and go to bed. After just a few treatments, you will notice a significant improvement.

apricot gum

If you decide to treat foot fungus with home remedies, you can try apricot resin. To prepare the tincture, you need 30 g of fresh apricot resin. It is poured with vodka (250 ml) and insisted for three days. Lubricate affected skin with solution, shaking product before use.

Garlic fungus treatment.

Garlic solution can be used to treat the disease. You need to mix alcohol, garlic juice and water 1 to 1 to 10. Before use, the mixture should be shaken and applied to the affected feet three times a day. This remedy should be kept in the refrigerator.


An effective antifungal tincture is prepared from propolis.

Many popular recipes contain a bee product such as propolis as part of an antifungal agent. For treatment, you will need 20% tincture. Cotton pads are impregnated with this agent, applied to the affected areas of the legs and nails, wrapped with a cloth and left overnight.

Baths can be prepared with propolis tincture. 10 g of the product are dissolved in 1000 ml of water. Legs rise for 10 minutes. They are then treated with an antifungal agent.


If you don't know how to treat a yeast infection, try regular iodine:

  1. Affected horny plates and foot areas can be lubricated with iodine twice a day;
  2. Feet can be steamed in a bowl of warm water and iodine. The feet are then treated with pumice stone and peroxide and a healing ointment is applied;
  3. Iodine is used as part of a 6-week complex therapy. The first 14 days, the legs are treated with Castellani paint every day. The next 14 days are treated with iodine. The final two-week course is carried out with vinegar;
  4. After a salt bath, the feet are treated with a pumice stone, cleaned and smeared with iodine. The course of treatment is 30 days.

tea mushroom

Kombucha is an effective remedy for foot fungus.

The well-known kombucha is effective in treating foot fungus with home remedies. This tool can be used in the form of lotions and rubs. In the latter case, the fungus must first be crushed.

Rub the chopped fungus on the skin of the legs three times a day. If you use compresses, pieces of fungus are applied to the affected areas of the feet, covered with cellophane and bandaged overnight. In the morning, the legs are washed and treated with brilliant green, iodine or potassium permanganate solution.

Birch tar and tar soap

Many home remedies against fungus are made from birch tar. It is also used as an independent remedy, which is applied after steaming the legs in soapy water. The product is left to soak for half an hour, after which the socks are put on. After 2 days, the treatment is repeated.

Tip! Birch tar can be used to disinfect shoes and insoles.

You can prepare tar ointment. We take any children's cream as the basis of the ointment and add tar to it in a concentration of 5%. Subsequently, the concentration can be increased up to 20%. To prepare an ointment from sulfur and tar, sulfur powder (2 parts), tar (three parts) and regular cream (10 parts) are taken. The ointment is heated until the ingredients are mixed. After applying it, you need to wrap your legs with polyethylene and put on socks. The ointment is left to act overnight.

Tar soap to remove a fungal infection is used in one of the following ways:

  1. They usually make baths with this remedy. For 2000 ml of hot water, take 60 g of grated soap. Legs rise 1/3 of an hour;
  2. 30 g of said grated soap are mixed with 15 g of soda. Affected feet and nails are treated with gruel. The agent is applied once a day;
  3. We lathered our feet with tar soap. Sprinkle them with baking soda on top. Above, everything is wrapped with a cloth and left to act overnight. The fungus should disappear after a week of treatment.


Treatment of foot fungus with folk remedies is often carried out with baking soda. Baths with soap and soda do not replace antifungal therapy and are an adjuvant. Soda softens the horny layer, facilitates its removal and promotes better penetration of the drug. In warm water (5 l) add 60 g of soda and the same amount of grated laundry soap. We raise the legs for 1/3 of an hour, then carefully remove all horny formations and apply a remedy.

Soda suspension with lemon juice is suitable for the treatment of nail fungus. It is applied to the affected horny plates and lemon juice is dripped on top. After five minutes, the foamy mixture is removed.