Fungus between the toes

It is not difficult to catch a foot fungus, sometimes it is enough to touch a sick animal or person with a foot, palm, nail and head, including hair on the head and skin. Or use contaminated items (comb, even clothing). The fungus usually infects people who do not think about prevention.

fungus between the toes

How to deal with a fungus

The disease is common and causes a lot of inconvenience to an infected person. There are a number of symptoms that accompany the disease. Let's consider the signs in more detail:

  1. Bubbles or spots form between the toes, gradually the spots begin to grow, completely affecting the foot or palm.
  2. There is severe itching in the affected area.
  3. Peeling of the skin begins, the fungus affects other parts of the body.

Most often, the fungus affects the foot and nails, the plates turn grayish-yellow, thicken. Little by little, the fungus destroys the nail completely.

Natural treatments

If the patient is diagnosed with a fungal disease of the feet, it is necessary to proceed to the immediate elimination of the disease. Treatment is carried out in various ways. For example, in the hospital, the doctor prescribes special medications, ointments and creams to help eliminate the fungus between the fingers. The funds are selected individually and are not always suitable for the patient.

Don't forget the home remedies that involve herbal treatment. Let's consider the main methods of treatment:

  1. If the fungus has infected your toenails, it is recommended to steam them well in warm water with salt and baking soda. When the bath cools down, pat your feet dry and squeeze a drop of lemon juice under each nail. Then sprinkle soda on the nail, foam will appear due to acid-base reaction. When the procedure is finished, put on clean, dry socks.
  2. If the treatment is done with herbs, celandine is the best option. It is recommended to lubricate the injury site with fresh juice of celandine, celandine plucked in May-June is suitable, during this period the movement of the juice along the plant is more active.
  3. The lofant plant is known to help fight foot fungus. A special broth is prepared from the lofant, in which the legs are raised. The first results are noticeable after a day, when the skin between the fingers stops itching.
  4. Peppermint is considered an excellent remedy in the fight against fungi. Grind the mint and mix it with salt, then apply a compress to the sore spot and rewind with a special bandage, put on your socks and go to bed.
  5. People often use carrot juice, mix it with vinegar, and lubricate sore spots with a remedy.
  6. Strong natural coffee will become a wonderful remedy for fungus. You will need to brew strong coffee, strain it into a separate container, where the feet are steamed, then add vinegar to the water. Later, the solution must be thoroughly wiped between the toes.
  7. Garlic is beneficial in effectively fighting foot fungus. Rub a few chives in gruel, rub the spots between your toes before going to bed, put on clean socks, and rest. In the morning, moisten a cotton swab in vinegar, clean the places again.

There are many popular recipes, you must try everything to choose an effective one.

How to prepare an ointment for mushrooms.

Using herbs and complementary products, it is possible to prepare a good effective ointment against diseases that affect the spaces between the toes.

  1. Take a chicken egg, put it in a glass jar. The egg is poured with vinegar, placed for a certain time in a dark place. After a few days, the eggshell dissolves. The remaining thin film should be removed and discarded. A tablespoon of butter is added, the mixture is mixed, it is again removed to a dark place, now for a day. Treatment with ointment is done within a week. The results are immediately visible. If you properly lubricate the places between the toes with the created ointment, after full recovery, the fungus will not bother for a long time.
  2. It is permissible to prepare an ointment from Indian onions, a folk remedy that has been known for a long time. A small piece of Indian onion leaf can cure the disease for a long time. Take a leaf, grind, scroll with glycerin, then a cotton pad is smeared with ointment, and the affected area is dried with light movements.

The result can be achieved if home remedies are intertwined with drug treatment. Talk to your doctor before starting fungal treatment.

How to make compresses to get rid of fungus.

Compresses are considered an effective method of fighting fungus. For example, it is possible to make a compress from celandine. Chop the plant well and boil in water for 6 minutes, then steam the legs in the broth. If the disease is severely neglected, additional lotions should be applied.

Rowan juice helps to overcome the disease. Use berries and leaves, just squeeze the juice and apply it to the affected area. The treatment lasts several weeks.

It is possible to treat the fungus with a tincture of lilac or propolis. Folk remedies include alcoholic tinctures with various herbs. For example, when the first unpleasant symptoms occur between the toes, it is permissible to use green radish leaves; in case of fungal diseases, flour is sprinkled on the affected areas. Many people choose to put flour in their socks and walk all day.

The treatment will be effective if essential oils are used. It is recommended to thoroughly rub the nail plates and the spaces between the toes.

Prevention of fungal diseases.

Effective treatment is good, but it is better not to treat the disease, but to prevent it. Methods to prevent foot fungus are worth taking seriously. Herbs will not help if the disease is severe, you will have to think about carrying out a number of therapeutic measures.

External remedies do not always help with treatment, sometimes the use of internal drugs is required, for example, all kinds of vitamins. Only a professional has the right to prescribe any medication. Remember, quality treatment requires patience and strength, procedures must be carried out systematically.

Sometimes the patient is even required to adhere to a diet that consists of eating foods that have antifungal components. For example, treatment will include medication and daily carrot or apple juice. It is worth treating the disease in a complex way, you need to think about shoes - free and allowing the skin of the legs to breathe.

Treatment includes ongoing prevention: frequent barefoot walking, for example, stiffens the legs. Attention is required to the simplest rules when using public places. In the sauna or pool, wear only your own slippers, clothing is also an individual item. Remember, the fungus must be treated; starting procedures early will ensure a minimum of unpleasant consequences.